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April 10, 2012 at 10:39 PM

It's April, and the air is starting to warm up!  There is nothing better than a full day spent outdoors in Okanagan sunshine, getting dirty, and the days have been flying by.  Two properties have been tilled up, and one has been planted!

Below, I'm manhandling the rototiller to turn up 1200 square feet of grass.  This plot used to be a vegetable garden, used for over 30 years by a previous owner of this house.




At my original plot, we installed edging to help keep the quack grass from making my life more difficult than necessary.  The plot was tilled, the beds were marked, and well-rotted horse manure was applied.  Radishes and spinach have been seeded in these beds.




In one of the beds that will grow peas this year, I had over-wintered some carrots, beneath a thick layer of leaves.  They were still crisp and delicious, harvested today!  Dozens of earthworms were living in the soil around the carrots, probably enjoying the thick leaf blanket too.





More busy days are ahead of me; there are hundreds of seedlings in the greenhouse to transplant in the coming weeks!  In the next entry, I'll show you photos of the greenhouse, full of life.

Hooray for spring!

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