It's All Coming Up...Radishes

May 08, 2012 at 6:01 PM

The days are flying by, and the plants in the farm plots are growing up quickly.  Now we just need a little more of that typical hot Kelowna sunshine to give them another boost!

To bring you up to speed, this is what my new office, otherwise known as my greenhouse, was looking like in mid April.  Everything is very small, just starting to grow.


Outside at one of the farm plots, the very first tiny radish seedlings were just emerging from the soil.


After some rain, sunshine and a little bit of time, voila!

The greenhouse is packed with seedlings waiting to be transplanted.


Here I am planting out some collards.  Collards are very closely related to kale and are just as good for you.  Soon I will be at the market with these tasty collard greens, so you can try them for yourselves!


Remember those tiny radish seedlings?  Well here they are now, after just a few short weeks!


Hello little radish!  You look mighty delicious.



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